Thursday, August 20, 2009
He reyes, she's on the dark side

He stands at the window, a dim reflection in the glass. He gazed through the floor to ceiling panes, drinking in the bustling City below, Teralis, the capital of an expanding empire. Even at this unholy hour he could see a flood of people moving in the harsh neon glare of the many-hued lights. An architectural mess, it would be deemed hideous by many of his people. Now, gazing over it, he realized its true appeal. Its life. Its vitality. By comparison his people seemed to dwell in gaudily decorated tombs. He let out a deep Sigh, letting his head fall against the glass. Music swelled in the apartment behind him, the bass vibrating the windows, thrumming through his naked body. The yellow glow of the dimmed lamps raised a faint Shimmer from his golden hair, lending colour to his pale skin. A body stirred behind him on the bed, pulling itself free of the sheets. The woman so revealed swung her legs to the floor, pushing herself up. Caelris turned as she padded over to him. Her hands slid over his body, tracing the many scars that marred his flesh. Although tall for a human, she barely reached his chest and, looking down at her, he realised she loved him, or thought she did. Something Kyrel once said came back to him. "Women like bad boys and you, my friend, are a fucking bastard". He kissed her lips, then bent and swept her into his arms. He may not be able to give her love but he'd give her the rest of the night.

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Monday, April 27, 2009
This image comes from somewhere

The level of ignorance that pervades society truly astounds me.
Could someone please explain to me what is so terrible about organ donation?
If you're dead, someone else gets your organs and lives on.
You don't need them any more, you are dead.
Two options.
1. They rot
2. They help someone live

What is so difficult to understand in this?

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By Alien Ant Farm

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Friday, October 24, 2008
Everything about you pains my envying

Delicate features, pretty.
Long, blonde hair, held in a tail at the nape of her neck.
Knee length skirt, practical, yet strangely enticing.
Black boots, long enough to reach her calves, with just the suggestion of a heel.

Average in height.
Hair brushing her shoulders, curled almost in waves.
Brown eyes framed be her glasses.
Fingers tipped with long, perfect nails.
A quiet voice I often strain to hear.

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Origin of Symmetry
By Muse

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Friday, December 01, 2006
I've had questions of conscience, of what this is about

So yeah, meet cute girl, get on with cute girl.
Sounds good?
But the cute girl likes another guy, as is damn always the way.
But, my friend says, just be her friend, who knows what will happen?
I do, I've been down this road before.
Cute girl goes out with guy she likes, which wont be me. I'll be the weird guy she talks to sometimes.
You know what she'll talk about?
The guy she's going out with.
I just hope, hope to hell and everything holy beside sthat she doesn;t do what soemone else has done before.
Take everything I ever say I'm capable and tell me that her boyfriend does it better.
Cos I gotta tell you, knife in the heart doesn't cover it
Not at all.
I will not go through that again.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
It's no surprise that they're giving none away

Does the mirror sparkle in the light? Or does the light sparkle in the mirror?

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
The girl

The stranger slumped onto the bar stool and poured himself a drink form the whiskey bottle in his hand. It’s square base made a dull clunk as he set it down, the amber contents swirling slightly before settling. Setting the glass to his lips, he took a long sip, his gaze seemingly intent on the peeling black label of the bottle before him.

            “Looks like one of ‘em done got you, sugah,” a slightly husky female voice broke through the man's silent reverie, causing him to look up.

            A tanned woman was walking along the bar towards him, her snug jeans accentuating her finger and her sun kissed curls brushing gently against her shoulders. She stopped next to him, her hand carefully tracing the still bleeding cut on his cheek.

            “Y’should let someone take care of that,” she said, her voice pitched low, “don’t want it getting infected or nothin’.”

            Turning, she began to walk back the way she came, looking over her shoulder as she did so.

            “c’mon,” she said.

            The stranger stood, throwing back the whiskey and dropping the glass back to the bar. He smiled again, his eyes green fire rather than the ice of earlier. The he followed her from the bar.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006
Young blood is the lovin' upriser

Tonight, several people learnt an important lesson in life; if Lee is at the fornt of a gig, he is not moving, no matter how big you are, or how many friends you have.
Four awesome bands for 3 entry fee? That's pretty fucking awesome.
The pain in my ribs confirms this.
The was also a small package of beautiful perfection.
A short female who, despite lacking possibly nearly a foot on me, still seemed both perfect in proportion and outstandingly beautiful.
So a good night all round.
Except for walking past rock city on the way home and finding out that Monster Magnets sunday gig is cancelled.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006
With your nerves in tatters when the conchshell shatters

Just in case, there will never be anything more here. It will all be elsewhere, the elsewhere where this was.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
These are the sounds of days that are past?

Verily did the alcohol flow.
And verily did my new housemate claim to, know....with someone I liked.
And it feels like I should really care.
But at the same time I feel almost incapable.
I think I really am losing what makes me human.
I might still have to kill him though

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Saturday, May 28, 2005
This lifes too good to last and I'm too young to care

Finally finished watching coupling on dvd today, all four series as lent by my housemate. The wisdom and comedy imparted by the series is beyond measure.

For example Steves' three things a man should know;

You're never going to be famous
You're fatter than you think
They don't keep wearing stockings.

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Wish you were here.

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